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"The moment you become complacent in this industry, you’re finished. You must constantly be on the cutting edge of technology and, more importantly, service."

Scott Morton has been a real estate agent since 2004, and during this time he has witnessed and worked through the most dramatic series of highs and lows that the real estate industry ever experienced. As a buyer or seller of real estate, you need an agent with a level head, someone who will sift through all the doomsday media and the maelstrom of marketing data, and come away with a comprehensive plan that will ensure a positive and successful transaction for you, the client.

Scott Morton is that agent.

Before coming to Vanguard in early 2010, Scott worked at Kenney Real Estate, a firm that primarily worked with investors who bought larger buildings for redevelopment and TIC projects. Here Scott would oversee the entire process of purchase, tenant relations, building remodels, and the eventual selling and marketing of these buildings as individual TIC units. Invaluable lessons were learned during this period, but Scott felt something was missing so he eventually sought out something new.

That something new was Vanguard. Scott chose Vanguard because as a company it is clearly an industry leader. Vanguard is on the cutting edge of industry trends, always making the most up-to-the-minute market news and data available to its agents, and supplying a vast network of industry specialists. The combination of Vanguard's extensive resources and Scott's meticulous attention to detail and individual needs of his clients will guarantee you the best buying or selling experience possible.
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